BLVD Centers Launches Weedaide™ Website in Advance of Product Launch


LOS ANGELES — Mar. 14, 2018 — BLVD Centers Corporation (“BLVD” or the “Company”) (TSXV:CXV), a leading company in the United States addiction recovery industry, today announced it has launched its website for the future sale of Weedaide™, its marijuana lifestyle management product line. The website can be found at and is available now for affiliate access.

The Company further announced that the Weedaide™ product line is expected to be available for sale in the coming weeks through the website and through other distribution mediums. The Weedaide™ product line consists of three products: Energy, Munchie Reducer, and Control. Each of which is designed around helping to reduce the side effects and cravings associated with recreational marijuana use. The website today is focused on recruiting affiliate marketers in advance of being able to sell Weedaide™ to consumers.

“I am excited to announce that our website is now available for access,” said Chris Heath, CEO. “We are looking forward to being able to leverage the website to build out an affiliate sales network ahead of the product becoming available in the next few weeks while we work to produce a sufficient quantity to meet expected demand. We are excited to begin working with our expected first round of affiliates and ensuring their success selling Weedaide™. Our goal is to ensure we have a robust network in place over the coming weeks for when product becomes available for sale. I am very optimistic based on the initial feedback we’ve seen, that Weedaide™ and similar offerings will be very accretive to the business.”

“I believe that this new, large and growing market offers an exceptional growth opportunity for the business,” continued Mr. Heath. “Our experience working with stakeholders in the market has continued to reaffirm my belief that the 80 million Americans eligible to use Marijuana recreationally will generate strong demand for the Weedaide™ line of products. I am greatly looking forward to being able to share initial reception and results with the markets shortly.”

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