Orange County Outpatient


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Treatment Center Overview

The Orange County, CA Outpatient treatment center promotes a lifestyle of abstinence with balance, focus, creativity and health.

Nestled in the heart of Fountain Valley, the Orange County Outpatient treatment center offers a comfortable and spacious interior in which clients can meet counselors, have group sessions, or just gather and hang out.

The treatment centers team of therapists and case managers passionately dedicate themselves to sobriety and wellness with curriculum’s that feature exclusive programming depending upon the client’s needs.

Services and amenities of our Orange County Outpatient treatment center includes:

  • Day and night rehabilitation program
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Traditional 12 step and non-twelve step rehabilitation approaches
  • One-on-one clinical support
  • Both innovative and time-tested group therapies
  • Creative therapeutic groups
  • Life skills and case management
  • Professional emotional support
  • A comfortable environment
  • Rock to recovery music program
  • Yoga and tai chi meditation and holistic modalities
  • Catered community style lunches
  • Weekly event outings

Recovery and rehabilitation does not end with counseling and one or two group sessions. Our Orange County Facility also provides the recovering addict the necessary tools to network with others who have overcome their addiction.

The facility also offers day and evening counseling for those outpatients who work.

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