Portland Outpatient

Market and BLVD Treatment Center Demographics

Treatment Center Overview

The Portland Outpatient treatment center is in the Hawthorne District of Portland. It stands among eclectic businesses, homes and people, all within a mile or two of Mount Tabor. This is a friendly and slow small-town setting, which can be very beneficial to one’s attempt to become sober.

Inside the Portland Outpatient treatment center, the rooms are spacious and designed with boutique sensibility. It is a style devoted to creating a comfortable setting for optimal recovery.

Portland’s custom-tailored treatments feature evidence-based, client-centered and trauma-informed methods. Studies have shown that drug and alcohol abuse occur at high rates for those with preexisting or co-occurring mood disorders.

Mental disorders can also lead to physical ailments and shorter life spans. Because of this, addressing these disorders is integral to Portland’s outpatient treatment practices.

Services and amenities of our Portland Outpatient treatment center includes:

  • Dialectal Behavior Therapy (DBT) skill-based treatment to develop client mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness and emotion regulation
  • Clients get a choice of counseling theories they incorporate into their treatment
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • DUI program
  • Nutrition and wellness groups
  • Nutritious culinary services
  • Mindfulness-centered meditation groups
  • Art therapy
  • Yoga
  • Drum circles
  • Music therapy
  • Life skills
  • Hip, comfortable and serene environment

The Portland Outpatient treatment center also offers day and night counseling for those with busy workday schedules. In those counseling sessions, a client will find the importance of:

  • How to make sure you don’t relapse post-rehab
  • What measures to take to keep stress at bay
  • How to better manage your free time after rehab
  • How to have a normal, emotionally healthy relationship post-rehab
  • What you can do to readjust to family dynamics

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